One more lesson for us from Daniel


Today we were looking at the incredible accuracy of Daniel chapter 8 as to the future for him and us which also gives us life lessons for today.

Daniel accurately foretells of Greece and its conquests which were c400 years after his writing and some 2100 years ago for us and of the terrible time Israel had under Antiochus Epiphanies IV. He also in this chapter tells us of what is to come for us in our near future. It is truly eye opening!

The thought that struck me on the way home was that Antiochus as Daniel said would happen, stopped the daily sacrifice for the Jews.

Romans 12 talks to us today about our daily sacrifice which is our reasonable service. So the question I have for any of us who are born again and are Christians is this… “what stops my daily sacrifice?” Sadly I find much less than an Antiochus or a Stalin so easily stops my daily sacrifice of time with the Lord. It is a true challenge for us all and Daniel raises this for us in this chapter. Let’s all commit to asking for Gods help to stop what ever it is that hinders our sacrifice as described as so important by Paul in the book of Romans.

Have a great week


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