Sailing with the wind


1 John chapter 2 verse 6 says “He who says he abides in Him ought himself also to walk just as He walked”.

Christians are to do as Jesus did. The implication in the larger context is that those who claim to be Christian must live morally, as He did. We are to follow His example and to have the same ethic as He did – especially as it echoes what He says in John 8:28-29, which strongly implies that His behaviour was drawn directly from God the Father.

The emphasis in I John 2:6 is on the way that one lives. To some, Christianity is little more than an intellectual exercise. Some of these people may study frequently and spend long hours doing it. Somehow, though, it never translates into the practical aspects of living; it is purely intellectual. They do a lot of research, but their lives never really change.

There are others whose relationship with God is largely based on feelings. Because feelings are transient – they come and they go, they change – these people’s lives are constantly up and down and highly irregular. They blow hot and cold. John stresses that a Christian must follow the same pattern of life as Jesus lived, and He did not fly from pillar to post based on his emotions!

So if you are finding the wind blowing hard on to your life knocking you all over the place then may I recommend going back to this Bible verse and asking Gods help to live in this paradigm as Jesus did.

Have a great week


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