Loose lips sink ships


Proverbs chapter 26 verse 28 in the Old testament section of the Bible says this: “A lying tongue hates those who are crushed by it, and a flattering mouth works ruin”.

Clearly, lying is an act of hatred. It is so bad that it can bring ruin to those it is used against, and like a boomerang, it will return to destroy those who use it.

Here is a good maxim to live by: Never believe anything bad about a person unless you know it to be absolutely true; never even tell that absolute truth to another unless it is absolutely necessary; and remember when you do tell it, God is listening.

So as we go to our office Christmas parties, finish off our work load, possible have a little drink too much, we have plenty of opportunity to hear things about others and as the mood loosens it is all to easy to natter about others too.

If you, like me profess to be following Christ as a Christian, let’s remember this proverb given to us by God Himself and continue to take care with what we say.

Have a lovely peaceful Christmas


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