Lift Him High

Hi folks


Matthew chapter 5 verse 9 says the following:

“Blessed are the peacemakers, For they shall be called sons of God”.

Most of us are not at all adept at reconciling warring parties, but that is not the kind of peace making Jesus is concerned about for us now. His idea of peace making revolves around the way we live. It was Adam and Eve’s conduct that shattered the peace between man and God. Cain’s conduct broke the peace between him and Abel and him and God. As it is with all of us, conduct makes or breaks the peace.

With the CV19 virus and Government reaction tightening, as a Christian at work still keeping in contact with colleagues I would encourage all of us who profess to love the Lord to consider our conduct. All be it now it is remote conduct via email, phone and SKYPE type of contact.

If we feel stressed or worried, let’s do as the Israelites did when they were under attack from something that they had no control over – they looked to the snake on the pole that was lifted up high.

Jesus said if He is lifted High he will draw all men to Him. So if we “hit the wall” as I am sure we all will from time to time, let’s try to immediately look to Him the author and finisher of our faith. Accept his calming spirit and then carry on supporting and blessing others as much as we can praying that our conduct will indeed “lift Him high” to others.

Every blessing


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