Standing out


May I encourage you to have a quick read of a short event recorded for us in Johns Gospel, the fourth book of the new Testament of the Bible, chapter 9 and verses 12-31?

It is about a blind man made to see and it is clear from the events recorded for us by John that knowledge plays a part in the man’s healing. This theme is suggested by the fact that each of the parties claim both to know and not to know something. Since the claims and the reasons for them differ, the contrasts highlight their various types of knowledge. By their questioning, the Pharisees try to discredit the man’s testimony, attempting to find a cause to brand the healing a fraud and to attack Jesus (verse 19). They imply that the parents should stop lying and come clean (verses 20-21). Yet, the parents affirm two facts: that the healed man was indeed their son and that he was born blind. They knew this, and they were not afraid to confirm it publically.

Conversely, they denied knowing how he came to see and who did the miracle. Why do they not acknowledge what they know of Christ’s role in the healing? They knew what had happened!! The answer is that “they feared the Jews.” They knew that the leaders would excommunicate anyone who confessed Jesus as the Messiah. The parents simply did not want to get involved. They were afraid to acknowledge what had been revealed to them.

This is an accurate picture of many today in my experience, particularly at work where, because of us all being at home and “private” I am having lots of conversations which due to their natural privacy lead the caller to raise these subjects remarkably. The wonderful facts and truths of Christianity have been proclaimed to them—perhaps by parents, friends, nature or the church. Intellectually, they know and some even believe these truths, but they will not admit them. They are afraid to acknowledge Christ for fear of the consequences. The fear of the face of man as it is referred to.

Our role in all of this as Christians is to show just how easy it is to publically admit to the knowledge and faith we have in Jesus Christ both in what we say and how we live. After all when one interrogates all the facts we have then the only logical conclusion is that there is a creator God who revealed himself to the human race in the person of Jesus. So as a Christian I hold the logical position and world view not the other way round! At work I am finding that being confident in holding this position is absolutely imperative to help those around me during Covid-19.

Every blessing


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