Why chose Christianity

Hi folks

I thought I might deviate from my usual style in this blog and run a short mini series on why I am a Christian and believe in the creator God of the Bible. This is focussing on why I chose Christianity in the first place rather than why I am remaining a Christian because why I remain a Christian has all the reasons I will state in this mini series that will go on for a few weeks but so much more, as now I have a personal relationship with God the creator of all things. My relationship is through Jesus who was in fact God revealing himself to mankind in the flesh.

So remaining a Christian following Jesus is much easier actually than finding God in the first place. At least, it is for me.

So my starting point is science.

Up until the late 16th century/early 17th century the scientific world would formulate a view and then look to try to find ways in nature to prove the view that had been formulated before evidence .

Then came the great Frances Bacon who stated that we should sit at the feet of nature and see what it tells us. In other words “get knowledge by gaining and verifying it by exact observation and correct thinking”. This is now how science works. Getting the facts and then seeing what they tell us to formulate an opinion. Simple! And correct!

This however causes the atheist view huge problems. Science in the 1960s caught up with Scripture when the evidence observed and verifying confirmed that nothing material has been eternal and in fact everything came into existence having a beginning. It was called the big bang.

So now we have the evidence and the formulated view that everything we know had a beginning but we have another view called cause and effect which we all know through observation and verification means that everything in the material world has had something to bring it into existence.

Putting these two facts together leaves the atheist with a problem. How and why did NOTHING decide to become SOMETHING. This of course is impossible and so you may not be surprised to know that the atheist is trying to change the meaning of NOTHING into meaning that Nothing includes SOMETHING! This goes back to the pre Lord Bacon thinking – change the facts to match the view point!

Even the late Steven Hawkins tried to explain away something form nothing and made a real hash of it – he couldn’t do it!

This is my first reason for accepting that God is the creator of all things and why I am a Christian. There must have been a creator sitting outside of our universe to create it all from Nothing.

Next reason next time is all about Germinal Life.

Have a great day.



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