Reason 2 for being a Christian


There is something called Germinal Life. This really explains that life develops gradually into the mature product. We have seen and evidenced this through exact observation and correct thinking.

As the Bible identifies in Marks Gospel chapter 4 verse 28, “first the blade, then the ear, after that the full corn in the ear”.

This development is governed by fixed laws. Laws of nature God has put in place. We cant change them they simply “are”.

One such law is that this germinal life ( like humans start out )  is never reproductive. Reproduction only comes from maturity so an embryo or a germ can only come from a mature product. Embryos do not multiply into embryos do they!

Eggs don’t hatch eggs. Apples don’t produce apples. It takes a tree to produce an apple. Do you see?

Even babies don’t produce babies thought they have developed far beyond the stage of an embryo.

Without God as creator, one has to state that germinal life without the power of reproduction  has over millions of years evolved into the mature product. This statement drives us right back to the pre Sir F. Bacon era. Trying to fit a belief into facts that are simply not there in science. Crazy!

Saying an egg evolved and then evolved further during millions of years into an Eagle with no power of reproduction seems rather odd to me – no, more than that,  it seems impossible from the facts we have.

Based on the facts I see and the facts we teach, my conclusion has to be that the creator designed and created the eagle for it to then be able to reproduce. And the same for me a human being.

My problem is made much more difficult if I wish to accept the “No creator” position when we add to this the provable fact that germinal life can not by itself improve. If I want better apples I don’t work on the apple but I have to get better apple trees. Better eggs don’t come from working on the egg but by getting better hens and so on.

So claiming that germinal life came into existence without being able to reproduce or improve and try to claim that simply over time the better and mature product arrived… well I simply don’t buy it and it is impossible.

The creator God is the most logical answer to the facts we see before us.

Have a great and safe week


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