3- Transformation


After a crazy month I am back!

I had thought that giving my reasons to be a Christian might be a good plan in this blog but now I realise that at 2 blogs a month it will probably take me circa 2 years to give my valid and objective reasons and so I think what I will say here is that the Christian world view makes most sense of why there is something rather than nothing, the fine tuned universe, why humans have a moral compass and animals don’t, the life of Jesus (and the empty tomb) and my own personal experience of the Living Creator in my life.

Romans 12 v2 says “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.”

I have found this renewing and transformation impact and it proves God exists and His will in my life is effective. The God of the Bible is the only answer I can give to this reality. If you are keen to explore this more or even challenge this then please do contact me for further discussions.

But what does following Gods way actually mean in reality?

Well, we all understand that sheep have a strong inclination to follow, to go along with what other sheep in the flock are doing. I once read that, if a shepherd is herding his flock into a pen, and he places a bar a foot or so off the ground across the gate so that the first sheep has to jump over it to get in, then he removes the bar, the following sheep will continue jumping as they pass through the gate based on what the leading sheep did! May be true ma not be but there is a true story about sheep.

Years ago, a man I know owned a small flock of lambs in partnership with his neighbour. They escaped from their pasture one morning by “worrying” a fence until they were able to push out through the hole. Once one lamb went through, the others followed. They did not know they were gone until a neighbour about half a mile away called to let them know their sheep were on her property. They had followed a railroad track cut into the side of a steep embankment until the land levelled off in a wooded area. They were scattered in the wooded area.

As he approached, he began to speak to them. They turned and began walking toward their pasture. Soon, they had regrouped and begun following him. Although he was certainly concerned that a train might come along, his major worry was how he was going to get them up the steep ten-foot-high embankment, back through the narrow opening, and into the pasture.

When he arrived at that point, they were too timid to follow his voice and him up the embankment. The only thing he could do was wrestle and drag the sheep up and shove them through the opening. He thought he was going to have to repeat that same procedure with all of them, but to his delighted surprise, once he had shoved the first one through the hole and into the pasture, the rest came on their own! What he feared actually turned out to be easy because of this strong instinct to follow.

Human beings tend to share this proclivity. We even call it the “sheep instinct” or “running with the herd.” This influence moves people to buy and wear the same clothing because “everybody” is wearing whatever happens to be popular. It also motivates “keeping up with the Joneses.” We are nervous about standing out from the crowd and perhaps becoming the objects of scorn and derision.

However, this proclivity works against us as Christians because it can easily influence us into going the way of the world . In this case, it takes a strong willingness not to conform to what everybody around us is thinking, doing, and perhaps even wearing. Such a circumstance will reveal who we really are and who we are really folowing!

Have a great day


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