Three Stars for Christmas

Hi Folks
The more I speak with folk at work about this year the more I realise there are 3 absolutes that a human being needs and craves:
1) Forgiveness.
May be you have had to lay staff off, may be you had to delay paying a supplier. May be you lost your temper. Then again a feeling of guilt as there are the hours and hours at work so your family have been pushed into second place. Of course there are so many situations in a persons life where one craves forgiveness from someone else and at Christmas we emotionally find ourselves in a place of wanting this forgiveness more deeply than ever.. right?
2) A new Start
As we rush headlong towards the new year, I am seeing dozens of folk wishing that day would come on 1st January 2021 when they can put 2020 behind them and have a new start. A new year and a new start. A fresh outlook. Baggage gone, weights lifted, COVID lockdowns ended, business back to normal, friendships renewed face to face again, hugs to family . A new start is the dream of millions and millions of us… right?
3) A Road map to life so you know you are getting the best out of it
With lives in such chaos, business struggling, VAT bills to pay in January plus company and personal tax bills many are asking, am I in the right profession? Am I getting the best out of life. Is there an easier way? How can I be happier than I am now? Even folk not in work have the same question. Is this as good as it gets?… right?

John Bunyan wrote Pilgrims Progress and I do recommend this book even if it is the children’s version . Here we are introduced to a Pilgrim on life’s journey and he comes to a mountain where an Angel meets him and offers him forgiveness which results in the heavy back pack representing sin and wrong doing he has had all along life’s journey weighing him down, simply falling off. Then he is given a new fresh identity and then he is given a road map showing him where to travel next.

Bunyan takes his story from the Christian Message – from the Bible.

There is one world view and one only that does not depend on Carma or on good deeds outweighing bad which all others do and which simply offers full and unconditional forgiveness. It is the most fantastic and wonderful bright morning star and it is here being offered this Christmas to all who want it. Forgiveness completely and for everything with full acceptance for who you are by the most important person ever.

Then this same world view offers a new start. Accepting Jesus into your life gives you a new life. Jesus Himself called it new birth. It is that dramatic. A fresh start. A new beginning. Moving from dark to light, night to day, death to life. It is that dramatic and I know!

Finally this world view gives you a direction. A light for your feet and a lamp to your pathway. God has a purpose for your life. You are here for a reason and God can unlock that reason and give you a road map to follow. Knowing this purpose gives you the very best life imaginable no matter if business fails or illness strikes. Gods purpose being known in a persons life is totally transforming.

Becoming a Christian in the way that the Bible explains it provides you as a guarantee with these three great stars of brightness this Christmas. Forgiveness, a new start and a clear road map for life’s journey. It baffles me why folk don’t want to explore such fantastic gifts as these. Do ask me if you want to know more.

Have a wonderful Christmas as this may be my last blog this year…. Then again…….!


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