Take Heart


I have been reading a little book on lessons during COVID-19 and one little thought came to the fore in my mind.

Many have been battling with the feelings of loneliness and helplessness. Being stuck at home can cause one to feel alone. If you are a “do-er” then not being able to do the work of Jesus can bring a feeling of letting Jesus and others down.

Well, I would like to share some encouragement with you.

When we are introduced to Jesus in the Gospels, you will recall that He was baptised by John the Baptist.

During this short event God the Father broke cover as it where and His voice was heard. “This is my beloved Son in Whom I am well pleased”

So, let’s think about this. Jesus at that point had done nothing. He had just arrived and was about to embark on his time of ministry, preaching and healing. He had not gone to the cross nor risen again and had done absolutely nothing. He was simply there!

Clearly this tells me that God the Father was pleased with Jesus for who He was and for His heart of obedience not for what He had done .

The Bible is clear that you were planned and thought of even before you were conceived, and then God formed you as you grew in the womb.

Once you gave your heart to Christ and became a follower of Jesus you became part of the same family as Jesus. So, God is pleased with you, even if you are not doing anything. He is pleased with you for who you are!

On top of that Psalm 68 tells me that God puts the lonely into a family!

So, although you might feel lonely and helpless, God has placed you in a family of others like yourself AND is simply pleased in you because of who you are, not what you do.

Take heart.


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