Against you is against Him


Luke chapter 10 and v 16 says this.” He who hears you hears Me, he who rejects you rejects Me, and he who rejects Me rejects Him who sent Me.”

It is good to remember that we have an advocate who is Jesus as we witness at work.

This verse shows that one way to slam the door shut on Christ is to look at the people giving the messages rather than the God who is behind them: “My followers, whoever listens to you is listening to me. Anyone who says ‘No’ to you is saying ‘No’ to me. And anyone who says ‘No’ to me is really saying ‘No’ to the one who sent me” is another way of delivering our verse.

If we believe in how minutely God is involved in our lives, then it follows that what is preached on Sunday services and what we say and do to witness our faith at work has a purpose and is allowed by the Sovereign God. Therefore, a complaint that we have about a speaker or the message or the witness is a complaint against God. Rejecting or laughing at the spiritual food God has prepared is dangerous ground to tread for anyone.

This does not mean the speaker on a Sunday or we as we witness are infallible, by any means, but the wrong attitude effectively diminishes what we can glean from the message. For us as Christians as we listen to teaching and preaching, a safer approach would be to offer a prayer for help to understand and see how the food ( God’s word) is for our good ( Psalm 84 v 11) and for those who we witness to, to at least listen to our views, rather than us or our work colleagues to slam the door on the message or the messenger. Either we, as we listen to Bible teaching trust and have faith in God’s sovereignty and His love for us, or we do not. There is no safe middle ground ( Deuteronomy chapter 30 v 19).

For those rejecting our efforts to show them Christ, “how shall they escape…” .

So, let’s have confidence in “being Christians” as we go about our daily lives and let’s take on board what we are taught as we prayerfully receive Bible teaching.

Have a good week


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