Matthew chapter 7 verse 1 says this  “Judge not, that you be not judged.”

As we near the year end at work there is always an increase in intensity to answer the question “have we done enough”? This I see leaks into the judgement of others and can become a little tense if we are not careful.

The subject of judging often seems very difficult to grasp. Some use the term “judge” in a generalised way, making assertions such as, “We shouldn’t judge one another.” Is this true? If we took this to an extreme, we could make no evaluation of whether a person’s conduct is acceptable to God, society, or ourselves. Such a totally non-judgmental atmosphere would generate such tolerance that it would be hazardous to life and limb. Nothing would be called into question. Nothing would be wrong.

God never intended any such thing when Jesus said, “Judge not that you be not judged.” Again, if taken to an extreme, a person’s example, whether good or bad, would have no power to influence behaviour in others. Before determining whether we want to imitate or reject how another person acts, we must evaluate—judge—his conduct.

Just something to think about for us all I suspect.


2 thoughts on “Judging

  1. I’ve just skimmed through a number of your posts and am pleased to encounter someone else who likes to ask questions! I love to do that when reading the Bible – how did the disciples find 12 baskets to gather scraps after 5000 were fed? And why did a lad have so much food late in the day when others had eaten all they had? I look forward to reading more and talking with you in the future. Thanks for your kind comments about the Bubble, which were forwarded to me. Good to know you!

    1. Excellent. The best answers come from the best questions.

      Many believers forget we are to love God with all our mind as well as heart and strength so to ask questions is Biblical actually. So, have you come to any conclusion as to the baskets and late snack?

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