Hi and welcome to another blustery day

I have found that it is all too easy to have circumstances creep in that move a person to thinking they are de valued or not even worth much at all.

It is one of those silent assailants in life that can sneak up and before one knows it, you are trapped by the darkness of this feeling.

Well, God is well aware of this potential difficulty and the Bible makes it so very clear that every person has a dignity and an importance because every human is made in God’s image. You, therefore, are made in God’s image and have real value as a result.

The universe declares the glory of God the Bible says but it is not made in His image.. you are.

You are different from Animals  ( they are not religious, they have no sense of time, they have no aesthetic experiences , they have no conscience and no moral experiences. Animals have no complex language as you do, have no concept of violence and do not subdue anything as humans do being stewards of the world). Being so different from animals should give you the hint that somehow there is real value in your being here.

So, what are you? You are unique and you are precious in God’s sight having a very special place in creation. Once a person recognises this then life begins to take on a new a positive meaning… if you let it and explore the possibilities that this truth affords.

Have a great and positive day


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