Too focused?

Do you have the odd issue at work that keeps you awake at night? You will know if you have! I guess we have all had these through our career at some point.

Well God has the best way of dealing with this and it is found in Luke 21. Often life lessons can be found within Spiritual guidance.

Here the Lord relates the Parable of the Fig Tree (verses 29-33) to give instruction regarding His warnings in the previous verses. The “these things” in verse 31 refers to the question asked in verse 7 about the end times and Jesus‘ subsequent answer in verses 8-28. “These things” are the events that will happen as the end nears. In the parable, Jesus provides the perspective we should have as we anticipate the unfolding of the previously described events.

What owner of a fig tree would spend hours each day scrutinizing his tree to see if it was budding? Would he make the fig tree the focal point of his day? Of course, no one would. An owner of a fig tree would be aware of its location, its level of health, and its progression through the annual cycle of growth, but these matters would not require his all-consuming effort.

In the same way we should have a positive interest in the signs leading up to the end times but not let it completely consume us as a single focus as there is also so much to focus on with the here and now as well.

Again in the same way, when we have this “black” problem at work, we should not let it become all consuming and be our only focus. Be aware of it yes, look to influence where we can yes, talk to others about it yes, and share it with the Lord if you are a Christian as he will listen, but also keep a balance on your other work. Its a very healthy attitude to have, after all He even looks after the Sparrow!

Have a good week.

It’s family time!


well it’s coming up to that time again. You know, the time of year when work gives us a few days off, or if we have been clever with holiday time we have a week or so off work, and we get to see family we may not have seen for a long time.

Plans are being made to see family and we are getting a bit excited as we look forward to sharing time with them – all be it for only a few days or even just a few hours.

can you imagine how God felt as His only son left home to fulfil the plan of salvation? And then how He felt as His son was about to return home?

if we are exited to see relatives not seen for a while just imagine the longing and excitement in the Fathers heart for Jesus to return.

That reunion of Father and Son must have been quite a moment.

it’ s wonders like this that if you sit back and consider, help to remind us again of the wonderful love of God for us in sending Jesus.

And as a Christian I find myself part of this family….. The family of this loving God.



Don’t be put off by the big guys

Hi. I hope this week has gone well. It’s the weekend again and my trips to Coventry and Manchester came and went OK.

as I consider the past week and coming week my thoughts go to the following verse:

But God chose what is foolish in the world …. what is weak in the world …. what is low and despised in the world, even things that are not, ……. so that no human being might boast in the presence of God. (1 Corinthians 1:27-29 ESV)

While at work whoever you are you may well have times when everyone else around you seems to have grasped the plot leaving you bemused. Happens to me a lot I can tell you.

well take heart that there are 5 people types God wants to use- foolish,weak,low,despised and those who are not.

cheer up cos if you class yourself as one of those 5 then Almighty God wants to live in and work through you! Take a read of the Bible verse yourself.

see you