Remember your first day at work?

Greetings once more

With everything I do, once I have done it many times it becomes a bit “samey” . Do you know what I mean? The hum drum slips in and my enthusiasm begins to deminish.

Jesus knows all about this human trait and in fact he delivered a message about this to the early church whose members were living in Ephesus. They were clinging on to what they knew to be true but had sadly lost their first love ( Rev 2 v 4). Jesus warns them about this and the consequences of losing this enthusiasm.

Paul also remnds us of the reason it is so important to keep this first love in 2 Thes ch 1 and again in Hebrews ch 6 – worth a read I say!

But jesus also reminds them that he knows all about their troubles, how they had allowed the anxiety of the problems of the day to start to snuff out their first love.

The lesson is clear – I need to constantly revisit in my heart and memory the time I became a Christian to reignite by first love. Simple! But it is also so true at work. As a christian I am expected to do just a bit more than others. It is a natural assumption of a boss or colleague and without Christ I just couldnt keep that up! I need to be demonstrating the first love I had for the job when I started on day 1. Its amazing how that works and it is amazing how scriptural principles also translate so effectively into every day life.

Doing the job like I did on day one and doing it as if I wasdoing it for the Lord Jesus immediately brings back my first love!

Have a good one

And your problem is…..?

So it’s 6.15 am and I am on the train heading East out of Cornwall. Challenges with technology and in once again finding that a day just rushes by.

too much work for the hours in the day so the skill of prioritisation is needed. But somehow it does not stop the growing feeling of concern that comes from somewhere deep.

sound familiar? May be not the train journey at silly O clock but the rest might. We have touched on this before.

Let not your heart be troubled whispers Jesus. You believe in me so believe in God …He continues. He goes on to remind me of the things that matter … The future! In my fathers house are many mansions…….

its true isn’t it. As a Christian all I need to do is rest in His care. sounds unbelievable but it is actually very real.

i can’t see Jesus stressing about the fact that he should have blogged yesterday, is tired on an early train and has a fist full of work to do. so my problem is….? Well nothing really. Today is bound to be a good day because He is with me and my future, well that is very bright indeed.

now to try BR tea. At £2 a cup it must be fantastic!

New every morning

Hi folks

The Bible verse I take with me into this week is  1 Peter 5:10 which reads: and after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.

Last week I was travelling quite a bit too and from London so put the miles in.  My boss held a review of the week at 8 am on Friday  together with an update of business developments and looking back it was a good week.

But do you ever feel like me that so often next week looks like last week and the week before? Kind of like the feeling that life is the same old same old? Well we all feel like that sometimes if it helps – but what gives me the power for the week is that this verse reminds me that, as my dad said to me once- ”  things that are important are those that last for over 100 years ” and an example of this is  the eternal Glory of God who will himself restore me, strengthen, confirm and establish me in Christ.

A great place to be and a place where I can expect great things. Being confirmed,  established and restored also reminds me of how God works in my life like a potter with the clay. Oh yes did I mention that I had a pottery lesson this weekend. It was great but more of that another time.

Each week is certainly something to look forward to with the eternal God of Glory involved.

Do ask if you would like to know more about my faith and walk with Jesus and how you might experience this for yourself.

catch up soon

Putting aside the “stuff”

I guess no matter what work we do we all have the “stuff”. A technical term I use that referrs to all the activity we are asked to do that we can’t pass off to someone else that has no real bearing on the work we are paid to do!

This week seems to be full of “stuff” for me and it is driving me mad!

Interestingly the verse I take in to this week is Hebrews 12 v 1-2. I am reminded here that there is something much worse than “stuff” that causes me to feel weighed down and clings to me worse than glue. It is an old fashioned but very up to date word – “sin”.

As a Christian I find it all too easy to forget to daily die to self and confess my sins to the Lord in prayer for forgiveness …. remembering there is no condemnation for those in Christ 🙂 …. and as a result I do find that my energy and effectiveness at work is lower than it should be.

Jesus promised me an abundant life and to walk in the light of a refreshed life each day DOES result in me being able to rise above the “stuff”, get it done and deliver what I need to each day.

It’s amazing how relevant Jesus is to my daily working life in 2013!

Have a good week