We all need that little bit more….

pinch punch the first of the month – and no return! Ha Ha

as we enter the second phase of 2013 my Bible verse of the week is Isaiah 40 v31. ” They that wait upon The Lord shay have renewed strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles……”

i hope that you can look back over the first 6 months of 2013 with some satisfaction, but whatever was your lot, as a Christian living with The Lord Jesus it is quite an exciting life.  Not being immune from sadness and work/private life challenges this verse is a real wonder and I find it is so true. Real core strength can be found when resting fully on The Lord Jesus.

if you have never investigated the reality of living as a Christian then I really do recommend it.

no matter how work is going or what challenges are being faced, or indeed if life is dandy, there is nothing quite like the strength that can be enjoyed in Him And we all need that little bit more umph !

have a good week….

A little refreshment

Well I am back from my hols. A great trip to the Red Sea. My wife and I had a lovely refreshing time.

Trouble is all that work piled high in my in tray. Long ago it used to be a real physical in tray that people popped bits of paper in to and I had a PA who would then help me to sort. Not now! Gone is the in tray and welcome the email ( c400 to deal with now on Monday) and gone the PA and in with just me!

Ever felt like this at work after a holiday:

I say, “I wish I had wings like a dove!
I would fly away and settle in a safe place! (Psalm 55:6 )

The answer lies further on in this Psalm:

Throw your burden upon the Lord,
and he will sustain you.
He will never allow the godly to be upended. (Psalm 55:6, 22)

Bring on Monday!

Seek The Lord and His Strength

This week coming up I take Psalm 105 v 4 with me. As I reflect back on last week where I seemed to have more work to do than I had time it was clear to me that the Lord does know and is interested in me. Whenever I am reminded of this is isn’t half a good feeling. This week I hit the road ( or the train actually) on Sunday evening to get to Birmingham at around 11pm for Monday early start and then across to London and back home mid week.

A day off on Thursday looks inviting.

there is always so much work taking me away from the actual deliverables I am targeted to do.

there is certainly guidance for every situation found in life within the Bible and for me it is this for this week: seek the Lords strength continually. He has tons more than I have and I can simply rest in that and draw from that endless stream of strength. Try it!

By the way the new boss looks like being a good chap……although he is talking about restructure and placing my role at risk. It’s at times like this that I find rest in His strength and remember Jesus said “My peace I give you which is not  as the world gives” . No worries then!