a 7 day week? not likely!

Greetings again!

Looking at my diary I see that the next 3 month is going to be a little more manic than usual at work due to an intense project that needs delivering.

Often we can fall into the trap of heading off into Sunday to work to make up the time and although I have done this in the past I have some time ago made a concious decision not to do this any longer.

Why not?

Gen ch 2 v 3 says: And God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested from all the work of creating that he had done.

God doesn’t get tired so why would he rest? Good question eh? Well the original word “rest” is correctly translated “cease”. So God was giving us the example of what to do on the 7th day – stop work!

God has made this 7th day special and has “sanctified” it for Himself. Its not my day but His.

So it is a tough call as work is so demanding but I for one am praying for dedication to the commitment not to work on Sundays.



Words do matter…..


Do you find that you become almost immune to language ( bad that is) that goes on all around you every day at work? Sadly I do and that’s not good, but one area of language that still really grates is when I hear the name of the Lord Jesus tossed about at will.

One modern version of the Bible gives us one of the commandments as follows: “You shall not misuse the name of the LORD your God, for the LORD will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name.

The third commandment is certainly against common swearing, including using words that seem so “OK” to use. This commandment also covers the light or disrespectful use of any of God’s attributes or character.

Herbert Lockyer, lists 364 names and titles just for Jesus Christ.  Each name of God describes some distinct virtue or characteristic of His nature. So how I see it, God has declared the glory of His nature by His names, which are not to be abused.

It is this commandment more than any other that shows how much God should be a part of our every word, deed and attitude. It shows that the test of our spiritual cleanliness ( we thought about this on Sunday actually) is how we use the name of God, whether in truth or as a throw away comment ( when we get cross for example). It indicates that a man is better off being sincerely wrong than to be a professing Christian and deny His name by the conduct of his life of the words he uses

To help us know David, the Bible shows him as a shepherd, warrior, king, prophet, poet, musician and sinner, each a part of a rich nature. God is SO MANY times greater, yet He reveals Himself, His nature, just as the Bible reveals David. God names Himself what the circumstances reveal of Him, so whenever we see that name, it also brings to mind an aspect of His nature. So, He gives us a double-barreled revelation of Himself and simply I MUST watch my language so that I enjoy HIM and don’t fall foul of the third commandment.

Here’s a thought….

I was reading Amos the other day – a great Old Testament book. Funny what you read on the train rushing out of Cornwall. Well rushing is a bit of an overstatement with the line down in Dawlish but thats another story.

In Amos Ch 3 v 9-11 we see that linking Ezekiel Ch 7 we will have difficulty in having Christian success if our Moral attitude is low and our self interest is high.

As I look at myself I see all too easily that where I should be on the Morality scale and the “thinking of others” scale is not where it needs to be ( one too low and the other too high) so no wonder I dont have the powerful Christian life I so desire.

Being more like Christ and dying to self are the keys as we are thinking about in our Church. At work this can be a challenge, being the only christian in our circle of friends or work colleagues makes this hard.

All the more reason to spend as much time as we can with the Lord, with christian friends and with “church”

I press on


No connection

Hi and good afternoon

we often hear how important it is for us to keep the channels of communication open in every relationship – marriage, friendship, work, government, sporting teams etc.

well I have found myself in a place where my internet and mobile connections are very very bad and as I need to have constant communication for work have found this really hard- having to go outside to work or sit in the car to make calls etc.

but even though I was frustrated yesterday afternoon and today  I suppose if I am honest, it was my decision to be here in the first place.

The comparison is obvious. My Heavenly Father is always available and ready to communicate with me ( my sheep hear my voice we read in the Bible) . But do I take my self into places where I can’t hear His voice?

Think on I say…… Yes even at work I can find time to step aside as Moses would say to spend time with the lord. it’s my choice.

have a good one



I want it NOW!!!!!


Monday it is and off we go again. So far I have had so many conference calls this morning that I only just realise it is now already 11.30 !

What I have noticed today is that once again so many of my customers in my line of work find themselves in difficulty mainly due to the root cause of them wanting something for nothing.

Jeremiah 6 v 10 and 11 says: To whom can I speak and give warning? Who will listen to me? Jeremiah then goes on to say from v 13 “From the least to the greatest, all are greedy for gain.

God holds to task the entire nation for its covetousness. A major reason why coveting is so dangerous is shown by our credit system, which is based on the idea of having something before we are actually able to afford it.

In this regard, advertising is credit’s best friend. The marketer’s purpose is to speed up the business, possession, and profit cycle. However, in reality over the long haul, credit actually slows things down and makes items more expensive because the credit must be paid for through interest in addition to the item’s original price. It also creates greater debt, making  the debtor a slave to the creditor.

So when I come across this at work this week – and I guess ongoing, I pray that God will help me find the words and solutions to help my customers achieve their goals while avoiding this dangerous trap.

And I guess then same applies to us as well. Take heed to the guiance God gives in the Bible and ask God to take away any covetouseness desires I have.


catch up soon…….

How bright is my light?


I had a question recently and it raised a further question for me in how I behave at work.

Interestingly my Bible verse I take with me into this week is from the new testament book of Titus ch 2 vs 11 and 12 that says:

For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men,teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly in the present age.

So if the people we rub shoulders with ignor creation, never enter a church, dont look at any christian chanels on TV, never read the Bible or christian literature, dont go to school nativity plays, never sing a christmas carol etc etc  then how do they see God’s grace?

Well I guess it is through me! And this Bible reading gives me the result of how I need to behave as I received Gods grace into my life

Quite a sobering thought I guess. 🙂

Speak soon


We do have SOMEresponsibiity you know…….

Hi all

Revelation 3 v 10 says “Because you have kept My command to persevere, I also will keep you from the hour of trial which shall come upon the whole world, to test those who dwell on the earth.”

It strikes me that all too often I fall into the trap of thinking that my company owes me a living. Actually, I should remember that it is they who give me the ability to earn a living and I do have a part ot play.

So it is with Gad and his relaionship with me.

The word translated “kept” or “keep,” used twice, plays into this. This word means “to attend to carefully; to maintain; to guard; to hold fast,” and the way that it is used indicates a two way street. We certainly want God to guard, hold fast, and carefully attend to us. We would prefer that He guard us and hold us fast far away from the destruction and torment that will come upon the world. But the flipside is that He wants us to do the same thing—keep, guard, hold fast—with regard to our responsibilities to the covenant and our walk with Him.

So I wonder if we need to stop and think about what it is I am doing to “cling to the Lord your God” every day. Do I die to self daily or do I promote myself daily.

Being someone at work can so easily land me in to the latter where as God wants me to walk in the former and live with Him as the pre-emenance.

We press on…..

New year is close and so are those resolutions…



i hope you all had a good Christmas.

back to work soon.

i was thinking, It is not at all uncommon these days to hear of an ambitious person as being “hungry” to accomplish significant things. Writers apply this term to athletes who want to make it to the professional leagues, and to businesspersons who seek to become CEO or president of a major corporation Or even just promotion. New Years resolutions for those at work are often involved in chasing promotion. These people drive themselves to work harder than their competition. They push themselves in studying every part of their discipline, and they practice longer and harder than others. Their ambition knows no limits. They seem to play every angle to bring themselves to the attention of their superiors. They seize every opportunity to “sell” themselves to those who might be useful in promoting them.

Some but not all of these nuances are present in Jesus‘ use of “hunger” and “thirst” in Matthew 5:6. He describes a person who from the very depths of his innermost being has a driving need to satisfy a desire.

and this verse in Matthew is my verse. It helps me to focus on what might be the right kind of New Years resolution and stops me from chasing the crowd at work.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, For they shall be filled..( Matt 5v 6)

if I want real satisfaction and a true filling of desire and if you want the same then let’s hunger for righteousness. Why? Because that will bring me closer to God.


speak soon







nothing is for ever….is it?

Hi and welcome to Monday. I hope you had a good weekend. For me it was spent with family and friends and then church on Sunday. A great weekend thanks for asking,

I speak to many folk at work and wonder if you feel as they do. Do you find or feel that it always seems as though in the near future , whenever that might be, that you stand the risk of  your job changing again, or losing it altogether, or the support of a boss or colleague will be lost?

it seems that this is the working environment many of us are in currently And can cause us to become worried and even clinically stressed.

actually it is a fact that 85% of what we worry about will actually never happen!

but what I want to give you today is my verse for the week which is this…

Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;

for his steadfast love endures forever! (1 Chronicles 16:34)

So even if that nagging worry does fall into the 15% that does happen ( oh yes and by the way over 90% of this stuff that will happen that we have been worrying about will actually have no nasty impact on you anyway according to the stats) for the  Christian we can know that His love and care for us will stay for ever.

So there IS something that lasts for ever , and that is something far better than anything we fear losing here on earth. It is the love and care of Eternal god our Heavenly Father.

have a good week and what ever it holds, give it to God.



Did I say that?……..

Well I am back from hols. Thanks to those who said they were looking forward to my blogg after the summer break.

It was a good holiday and I guess most folk are now getting back in to it again what with schools going back and September well under way.

for me yesterday was very busy as expected with a lot of work folk wanting to speak with me and it was quite surprising that I noticed how often , to get the answer that was wanted, I was not always being told the truth!

on reflection, particularly when going back to work and at times of being really busy it is all too easy to say something that one later regrets. Or just to say anything to “get rid of the problem”.

As a Christian and indeed we all must be on guard not to fall into this trap at such times.

interestingly my verse this week talks about this and is…

Death and life are in the power of the tongue,

and those who love it will eat its fruits. (Proverbs 18:21).

so welcome back to work and remember…… Sometimes to say nothing, or to count to ten is a good course of action.

have a good week