Be careful what you chase after

Hi. great weather! Just back from a weekend away with the family. It was great.

work starts again and the verse I take with me reminds me that there are much more important and valuable things to own than the stuff many (including I so I am not mister perfect you know )chase after.

the verse is

Better is a little with the fear of the Lord

than great treasure and trouble with it. (Proverbs 15:16)

do take time to consider this. It is great to have enough saved to have breaks and holidays etc and as a parent to be able to treat the family but let’s not chase so hard after the stuff and the chink of money that we all end up stressed and without an eternal destiny secured with The Lord at hand now.

have a good week.

And your problem is…..?

So it’s 6.15 am and I am on the train heading East out of Cornwall. Challenges with technology and in once again finding that a day just rushes by.

too much work for the hours in the day so the skill of prioritisation is needed. But somehow it does not stop the growing feeling of concern that comes from somewhere deep.

sound familiar? May be not the train journey at silly O clock but the rest might. We have touched on this before.

Let not your heart be troubled whispers Jesus. You believe in me so believe in God …He continues. He goes on to remind me of the things that matter … The future! In my fathers house are many mansions…….

its true isn’t it. As a Christian all I need to do is rest in His care. sounds unbelievable but it is actually very real.

i can’t see Jesus stressing about the fact that he should have blogged yesterday, is tired on an early train and has a fist full of work to do. so my problem is….? Well nothing really. Today is bound to be a good day because He is with me and my future, well that is very bright indeed.

now to try BR tea. At £2 a cup it must be fantastic!