Job satisfaction?

Morning folk

at this time of year many companies look to maximise profits and make the most out of the Christmas period. Personally I do love Christmas and it’s significance. In fact I was enjoying the lights of Truro last week and it dawned on me that all this sparkle is because of Jesus and His birth.

anyway back to my thoughts this morning. My company is no different and it is ploughing  millions of pounds into new systems for our customers that it needs them to use from January. So guess what….. Manic in December.

although I do enjoy my work and have some good friends, I am not sure that as I am honest with myself that it brings complete satisfaction. In fact I am not sure anything the world has to offer does really does it?

God who made us understands this dilema and sees folk rushing about to find the perfect job or the perfect this and that and gave us the answer. Here it is…

Until now you have asked nothing in my name. Ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be full. (John 16:24).

so God through the person of Jesus has the answer to full joy. Being In him. Then asking in his name. We have a loving bountiful father God. He supplies all our needs ( not all our wants) and it is this close relationship that provides us with real for ever meaningful Joy – no matter what happens at work , or anywhere else for that matter. Stay “in Him” , rely only on Him and He will make it happen. This theme runs all through the length of the Bible. Do I want full Joy? Yes please.

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