Hi all

Luke 4 has the very interesting narrative concerning the temptations of Jesus.

The theme here is protection. Satan quotes from Psalm 91 which has the same theme. He is quoting back to Jesus the very words that He had given, but he does it without quoting all of the two verses. He leaves out one phrase: “in all your ways.” Jesus immediately replies, showing him that he had misapplied it:

So the Bible in truth does not guarantee He will protect us “in all our ways.”

Will Jesus protect us in our rebellion? Will He protect us if we are downright foolish? God certainly expects us to do things involving faith in Him, which the unconverted may consider to be foolish or dangerous. But willfully exposing ourselves to any danger, presuming that God is going to protect us, is tempting Him. Man has no right to dictate to God what He should do and I certainly should not tempt Him.

God loves me with an everlasting love and as I consider just these last few weeks I can recount many instances where I have seen His very real care and love towards me, but I must remember that I have responsibilities going the other way.

Have a great week .



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