Faith in numbers


To have faith in something there needs to be trust. I am often asked why it is so many don’t trust the Bible when it is so full of undisputable evidence that it is God inspired and true. This is a tough question and is probably because those not trusting it simply have not studied it.

So to know that one can reply 100% on the promise in Scripture that I will be blessed if I take refuge in God ( Psalm 34) or that nothing good will be withheld from me if I walk blamelessly before Him ( Psalm 84) one needs early “evidence” if you will.

We don’t have blind faith as Christians but real robust evidenced based faith.

Here is another example of how we can trust the Bible.

God is a God who loves numbers. As a result the Bible is full of numeric patters that have been tried to be copied even by our most modern of 21st century computers and artificial intelligent technology but cant. Yet here we have writings so complex with number patters that were written by supposed ancient minds. Impossible! The only way we could have such literature is by Diving inspiration.

So to explain. Lets take the number 7. In the Bible this represents spiritual perfection especially in salvation. The original Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic languages of the Bible in which it was first written are centered around the number 7 and as we are told in the second book of Timothy and chapter 3, this book is “God Breathed”. ( note, each letter in the original language has a value – ie in our alphabet A=1 B=2 and so on)

  • Genesis chapter 1 and verse 1 is my first example of the impossible numeric patters which are everywhere even though the verse still makes complete sense. In the original text we have
  • 7 Hebrew words
  • Total number of letters 28 ( 7X4)
  • Total number of letters in the subject God and the objects the heavens and the earth 14 ( 7 X2)
  • Total number of letters in the objects 14 ( 7X2)
  • Total number of letters in the Object the heavens 7
  • And the second object the earth 7 letters again
  • The verb Bara in the original language made into a numeric number is 203 ( 29 X7)
  • The first letter, the two middle letters and the last letter have a numeric value of 133 ( 7 X 19)
  • The first and last letters of all 7 words have a value of 1,393 ( 199 X 7)
  • The first and last letters of the first and last words have a value of 497 ( 71 X 7)
  • The first and last letters of the remaining 5 words have a value of 896 ( 128 X 7)
  • The last letters of the first and last words have a value of 490 ( 70 X&)

All this is just in one verse and is just looking at our number 7. Numbers, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,17,37,40,119,144,153,666 are all hugely significant in Scripture and they are all also woven into scripture like this noted above literally thousands and thousands of times.

Yes there are thousands of such links all through every book in the Bible that covers hundreds of years of writings. How did all these humble authors do it and how did they know others had done it who had died long before they lifted their pen to add their part!!! And all with a quill.

Back to the number 7, even in lists of names leading up to Jesus in Matthews book in just 17 verses there are dozens of 7s as patterns – not surprising as God was introducing us to the perfect Saviour in Jesus!

Those reading Johns Gospel may not realise that in chapter 17 there are at least 14 patters of 7s hidden within. It is simply relentless and impossible for us today to design chapters of literature that not only make sense, have clear moral guidance for a person reading and have a good story to tell all while having dozens and dozens of number shapes hidden within. So I stand amazed as to why folk simply don’t want to read such a book!!!

So, my thought for today is, yes I can trust and have faith in the Bible and if nothing else these number patters MUST make me interested in who actually put this book together!!

Have a good weekend all


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