The common Bank Account


As I look back over my blogs and consider my life as a Christian at work there has been at least one clear message  learned which is this..

The bank account that we all have in common and use exactly the same way where we can only withdraw and not deposit and were we can never find out the balance is……….. the bank account of TIME.

We have just as much time in the day as Jesus did.

I often encourage my team to have at least half an hour every day to think and solve and create.

As a Christian my role model is Jesus and He often disappeared away from the crowds and from his own close team to do some of this thinking, solving and creating and much more as well – to spend time in prayer.

If I ( and may I include you in this as well please) as a Christian at work say truthfully that I cannot spare the time for this “quiet time” every day then I really need to re think!

Have a good week


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