Love Thy Neighbour

Morning all

Just a short thought today…

At work we are in a situation where lots of decisions are being made by lots of people many of which have an impact on you ( or me).

It is because of this that often at work we find ourselves beginning to boil over or feeling animosity towards another person who simply is not seeing things as we do, or is asking us to do things we dont agree with, and as soon as this happens and our hackles go up our judgement becomes less effective, our behaviour becomes less in standard than we would like and as a Christian our  witness becomes damaged.

So let’s remember that although the whole of creation declares the Glory of God, as Human beings we are ALL, yes that is EVERYONE, made in God’s image, so at a higher level than everything else in the universe. We are all moral beings with the capacity to chose.

So let’s make today a day when before we speak with anyone, we first remember that they are made in Gods image and so deserve the highest of respect in how we speak and deal with them.

Have a good day



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