I want it NOW!!!!!


Monday it is and off we go again. So far I have had so many conference calls this morning that I only just realise it is now already 11.30 !

What I have noticed today is that once again so many of my customers in my line of work find themselves in difficulty mainly due to the root cause of them wanting something for nothing.

Jeremiah 6 v 10 and 11 says: To whom can I speak and give warning? Who will listen to me? Jeremiah then goes on to say from v 13 “From the least to the greatest, all are greedy for gain.

God holds to task the entire nation for its covetousness. A major reason why coveting is so dangerous is shown by our credit system, which is based on the idea of having something before we are actually able to afford it.

In this regard, advertising is credit’s best friend. The marketer’s purpose is to speed up the business, possession, and profit cycle. However, in reality over the long haul, credit actually slows things down and makes items more expensive because the credit must be paid for through interest in addition to the item’s original price. It also creates greater debt, making  the debtor a slave to the creditor.

So when I come across this at work this week – and I guess ongoing, I pray that God will help me find the words and solutions to help my customers achieve their goals while avoiding this dangerous trap.

And I guess then same applies to us as well. Take heed to the guiance God gives in the Bible and ask God to take away any covetouseness desires I have.


catch up soon…….

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